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About Us, and our Trive

Uplivin is a British company started by a group of passionate designers and engineers who want to make the world a safer and more beautiful place. Our vision comes from our experience designing for the mobility industry. We were seeing too many products designed from the point of view of the maker, and not enough from the point of view of the user. We could all recall friends and relatives who felt unsatisfied with the care products at their disposal and went to considerable lengths to avoid using them in public, often thanks to uninspired and clunky design.

Talking with users from many different backgrounds, we realised that mobility wasn't just about function, but about style and practicality. The user should be at the center of the design process. The products we need to lead healthy and active lives should also say something about who we are. For those who needed help, there weren't actual affordable options for a stylish, well-considered mobility aid.

After two years of hard work we are proud to present our launch product: Trive, a mobility rollator with timeless design, a resilient, high-grade aluminum frame and a unique double-folding mechanism (pattern pending) that makes it not only one of the most stylish options available but one the most portable products in its class.

Our motto is that people shouldn't have to compromise on style and comfort to be safe!

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