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The Trive 1 Step Double Folding Rollator offers portability without compromising on style. This double-folding rollator is easy to carry and can be stored in small spaces. Sophisticated yet affordable, the Trive is a mobility aid you can be proud to own.

Trive Models


Colour Options


Sporting iconic British Racing Green, this configuration is based on the racing colours whose origins can be traced back to the 1903 Gordon Bennett Cup. It's stylish and timeless appearance conveys elegance and practicality.

Sometimes less is more. Our Metallic Grey model plays on the strengths of this versatile, neutral hue. Sophisticated yet not overstated, Metallic Grey accentuates your style without distracting from it. For the user that wants a mobility aid that attracts only the right amount of attention.

With its earthy and grounded tone, Terracotta inspires Mediterranean and Southwestern vibes. Its warm hues reminding of clay pottery, earth, and closeness to nature, Terracotta conveys warmth and stability.

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Trive Rollator's properties


1-Step Double Folding

The Trive is an easy push-and-go (to unfold), pull-and-pack (to fold)! Whether you are getting into- or out of a car or train, the Trive is purpose-designed to fold and unfold with minimum effort. No more awkward fiddling when you are going somewhere!

Oxidised Finish

To achieve fine metallic look on aluminum we have given up on traditional power coating and do it the hard way with superior oxidised finish, which you can typically find on IPhones, MacBooks, and fine jewelries.

A Soft Touch

We’ve taken comfort to a whole new level by using silicone rubber handles. The handles are exceptionally soft, non-slippery, easy to grasp and don’t feel cold to the touch. Silicone is non-allergenic, durable, and most importantly toxic free.

Leather Finishing

We chose PU leather for the seat, backrest and the shopping bag. This synthetic material is lighter, smoother, and easier to clean than genuine leather and uses no animal products. The shopping bag is so stylish that you can use it as a satchel. It hangs onto the seat opposite to your legs, so no bumping while walking.

Easy Transportation

We have carefully thought about the scenarios where you will use the Trive, and designed a custom travel bag. With a handle on the top, it can be pulled like a golf set. Two handles in the middle are for carrying and lifting. Folding length- and sidewise, it only takes up a small square space whether it is in the car or the garage.

Thoughtful Cane Holder

This 2-part cane holder is designed for your comfort should you wish to carry a cane or crutch while using the Trive. The parts are easily assembled and removed and can be fixed to the right angle on the aluminium frame.
Our Testimonials

 What People Say?

Please make more people aware of your product, you have a great design that is really practical, I had to do a lot of internet searching to find you, but really pleased that I did.

Gordon Sears

It is a really good product, but unfortunately the plastic wheels let it down a little as they do not stop the rollator from moving on carpets when the brakes are applied. Other than that, it's brillant.

Steven Brown

It folds away simple, and tidy to store in the car boot. Absolutely does the job. I am glad to find the Trive.

Benjamin Moore

It being so light makes getting it in and out of the car much easier than expected. The handles are height adjustable and the rollator folds inwards together which is very practical. Recently in a shop and a restaurant, particularly folding it meant I could get through very narrow gaps with it and still have support from it. 

Mistress Lagertha

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