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Please make more people aware of your product, you have a great design that is really practical, I had to do a lot of internet searching to find you, but really pleased that I did.

It is really a good product, but unfortunately the plastic wheels down a little as they do not stop the rollator from moving on carpets when the brakes are applied. Other than that, it is brilliant.

It folds away simple, and tidy to store in the car boot. Absolutely does the job. I am glad to find the Trive.

I have a number of disabilities including pots. I was having to get people to help me up as I needed to sit down when having a bad episode. I still won't be able to go far but at least I will be able to go out without being scared. The turning on it feels fantastic. You can feel the fibrations through the handles on bumpier terrane. Very good quality. Looks stylish. I am a size 18 and the seat on the grey one is wide enough to sit on. I wouldn't want to sit on it for any length of time without a cushion. Maybe that's something the company could look into. Easy to use. Easy to fold. I bought my own because I wanted a better quality than NHS ones and didn't want to wait. I can highly recommend. Can't wait to show it off. I am only in my 40's so it was a big decision to get one.

Looks wise it was the most appealing, except who mixes black and brown leather (faux leather) but still a styling no no.
It’s very light, which is brilliant if you have spine and arm issues like myself. It being so light makes getting it in and out of the car much easier than expected.
The handles are hight adjustable and the rollator folds inwards together which is very practical. Recently in a shop and a restaurant, particularly folding it meant I could get through very narrow gaps with it and still have support from it. The front bag is more roomy than it looks.
The negative points and it only really has the one:
The handle uprights are too close together to be able to sit on the seat easily when needed, they catch and pull at clothes and for the slightly larger person is a tight pressure on your hips! To the manufacturer it’s a simple design fix by either angling the handle stems into the lower frame or widening the cross mechanism by approximately 2”.
I bought this to cope while waiting for my wheelchair to be made, and it will still have its benefits for access etc afterwards. But the width of the handles making the seat narrow is a very important point to be aware of.

So pleased with my rollator. Very good quality for all features, robust, easy to assemble, and great packaging so the item arrived very safely and in perfect condition. It is a little more expensive than other rollators I hv seen, other models that friends and family had, but the quality for the UPLIVIN THRIVE is there and I am overall delighted with it. The seat is more than comfortable, and is wide enough for the slightly 'bigger' person.
Excellent instruction booklet, and the Terracotta colour is brilliant too.

Gordon Sears United Kingdom
Steven Brown United Kingdom
Benjamin Moore United Kingdom
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